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SirenWorld was founded in 2011 to bring the best products to market at the best possible prices.

Yes, there are cheaper products.   Yes, there are other brands.

We only sell products we believe in.   

If we can’t trust our own safety to the product, we don’t sell it.  Period.


SirenWorld.com is a proud distributor of only the finest in LED lighting, sirens, vehicle equipment, consoles, partitions, push bumpers, mobile video systems, and more at guaranteed low prices!


We are proud to be a 100% firefighter owned and operated business.


Remember, since SirenWorld is managed and operated by firefighters, we may not be able to answer the phone all the time.    Our system is set up so if we aren't immediately available, you can leave a message, and we will always return your call as soon as possible.  

Since we all have smart phones, you will probably receive faster service by contacting us via email with any questions or concerns.    


Our customer service and attention to detail have allowed our company to grow in ways we never thought possible.  
From a local business into one that ships thousands of products around the world, we have grown thanks to you!


Thank you for your support!

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