Ignition Override Systems

Ignition Override Systems

  • SoundOff Signal

    SoundOff Signal Ignition Security System

    MSRP: $160.00
    Our price: $106.40
    Easy to install and designed to be compatible with many different types of vehicles including police package vehicles, trucks & buses. Quick installation or removal by use of quick connect t-tap connectors. 4 - 10 Amp output circuits that equal maximum...
  • Secure-Idle, Inc

    Secure-Idle Ignition Override System

    MSRP: $189.95
    Our price: $175.70
    Secure-Idle was developed to meet the demand for increasing anti-theft devices. Our system has been thoroughly assessed and tested for over 20 years. By adding Secure-Idle to your vehicles, you will alleviate potential personal or company risks, rising...