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Order Statuses

DELAY - Lead Time/Production - Your order is delayed due to a production cycle or lead time.  Estimated ETA of shipment is outside the typical order- window.

HELD - Awaiting Customer Reply - We need a question answered before your order can be processed or your order has been flagged for possible fraudulent activity.  Reply as soon as possible to prevent delays in processing your order.   

PENDING - Awaiting Inventory - Your order has been placed, however we are awaiting stock to fill it.   This status is also applied to special pre-ordered items that are not yet available.

PENDING - Payment Recieved - We have recieved your payment and your order is in the queue to be processed.

PROCESSED - Sent to Fulfilment - We have begun processing your order.  If your items are in stock, we are preparing your shipments.  If they are not in stock, we have ordered the items to be shipped directly to you from our manufacturers.

IN PRODUCTION - Mfg and Testing - Custom items or a specific item in your order requires additional production time or may be in a production cycle.  When your order is in production, your order has been placed, however the manufacturer has not shipped it yet due to production cycles (Typically within 5-7 days).

ETA - Shipping ETA Provided - Once the order is confirmed by production, they provide an Estimated Time for Shipping.  This is not an absolute, but should give you a good idea of when your order will ship.

SHIPPED - Completed or Partially Shipped - Some or all of your order has shipped and tracking information is included if available.

STOPPED - Your order has been cancelled or voided.  See your order comments for details.