Radar / LIDAR Systems

Radar / LIDAR Systems

  • Stalker DUAL Police Radar


    Stalker DUAL Police Radar

    Our price: $3,324.95
    The longest range in moving police radar now includes automatic same direction operation. The Stalker DUAL SL sets the standard in the industry for range and performance. The best performance means accurate monitoring at greater distances, which results...
  • Stalker DSR-2X Police Radar

    Stalker DSR-2X Police Radar

    Our price: $4,579.95
    All 4 Target Zones Stationary; Any 2 Target Zones Moving The Most Sophisticated Ka-Band Antennas Faster Target Acquisition and More Dynamic Range WATERPROOF Ka-Band Antenna The Stalker 2X uses O-ring sealed, Ka-Band antennas. These compact,...
  • Stalker X-Series LIDAR Handheld Police Laser

    Stalker X-Series LIDAR Handheld Police Laser

    Our price: $5,999.95
    The Stalker X-Series LIDAR packs the industry’s most advanced technology into the industry’s smallest package. Plus, the new C-Thru Mode gives the XLR the ability to track moving vehicles through obstructions, school and construction zones,...