Remote Mount Sirens

Remote Mount Sirens
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Feniex Hammer 100W Low Frequency Siren

"Feel the noise" Grab the attention of distracted motorists and pedestrians with the Feniex Hammer..

$322.00 $199.00

Feniex Storm Pro 100W Siren

The Storm Pro boasts 124 decibels of thundering sound and a slim, low profile, the perfect combinati..

$174.40 $109.00

Feniex Storm Pro 200W Siren

The Storm Pro boasts 130 decibels of thundering sound and the option for dual-tone capability, the p..

$302.40 $189.00

Feniex Typhoon 100W Siren / Light Controller

The Typhoon Handheld integrated siren/controller features an integrated microphone, 6 programmable o..

$322.00 $199.00

Carson SA-430 Patriot Remote Siren

The SA-430 Patriot 100/200-watt full featured remote siren is a strong, efficient traffic mover. Its..

$569.00 $300.02

Carson SA-430M Patriot Remote Siren With Mechanical Tones

The SA-430M Patriot Mechanical remote siren is small in stature, but big in traffic clearing power! ..

$825.65 $477.36

Carson SA-441 Magforce 200W Dual Tone Remote Siren

They can't get out of your way fast enough when you come charging through with this monster of a sir..

$688.50 $391.29

Carson SA-441M MagForce Dual Tone Remote Siren with Mechanical Tones

The SA-441M MagForce Mechanical takes warning sound performance to the next level by combining a cla..

$998.30 $607.88

Carson SC-1012 Volunteer Remote Siren with 2 Level Light Control

Designed for a volunteer firefighter, the SC-1012 Volunteer 100-watt remote siren with light control..

$332.80 $209.95

Carson SC-1022 Volunteer Siren with Handheld Remote

The new Carson SC-1022 Volunteer Hand-held Mechanical Tone Siren is designed for volunteer firefight..

$423.10 $239.95

Carson SC-411-RS Remote Fire & Police Siren

Introducing the police siren that will change the way your fleet is heard. The Carson Sirens, SC-411..

$810.00 $579.95

SoundOff Signal MotorCycle Siren - Remote Compact ETSA200R

•  Compact siren has a small size and remote amplifier for tight spaces for undercover vehicles..

$315.00 $182.70

SoundOff Signal nErgy 400 Series Console Mount Remote Siren - 100 Watt ETSA481RSP

•  Features an eight-second buzzer alert to notify users that the level or auxiliary buttons ar..

$884.00 $512.72

SoundOff Signal nErgy 400 Series Console Mount Remote Siren - 200 Watt ETSA482RSP

Officers value the sound intensity of the dual-tone feature “fooling” perpetrators into believing mu..

$963.00 $558.54
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