Mechanical Siren

Mechanical Siren
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With the SA-400M Mechanical Classic Siren we have taken the time tested SA-400 and added a tone that..
$585.90 $367.45
The SA-430M Patriot Mechanical remote siren is small in stature, but big in traffic clearing power! ..
$825.65 $456.80
Introducing the new SA-500M Cruiser Mechanical siren…the smallest full featured 100/200 watt Mechani..
$490.10 $273.75
Made specifically for the volunteer firefighter, the SC-1002 Volunteer 100-watt siren with light con..
$317.00 $178.60
Designed for a volunteer firefighter, the SC-1012 Volunteer 100-watt remote siren with light control..
$332.80 $189.10
The new Carson SC-1022 Volunteer Hand-held Mechanical Tone Siren is designed for volunteer firefight..
$423.10 $213.20
Federal Signal E-Q2B Electronic Siren features include:• External diagnostics • New keypad with..
$1,635.25 $1,195.00
The Storm Pro boasts 130 decibels of thundering sound and the option for dual-tone capability, the p..
$302.40 $189.00